Trial Strategies of Houston Juvenile Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers


Houston Juvenile lawyers use a variety of strategies to win jury trials

Some common strategies include:

  1. Jury Selection: One of the most important strategies is jury selection. Juvenile lawyers try to select jurors who are impartial, fair-minded, and open to their arguments. They may use psychological profiling, questionnaires, or other techniques to help identify potential jurors who are likely to be sympathetic to their client’s case.
  2. Evidence Suppression: Juvenile lawyers may challenge the admissibility of evidence that was obtained illegally or in violation of their client’s constitutional rights. If evidence is suppressed, it can weaken the prosecution’s case and increase the likelihood of a not guilty verdict.
  3. Cross-Examination: Juvenile lawyers may use cross-examination to challenge the credibility of prosecution witnesses and to highlight inconsistencies in their testimony. They may also use cross-examination to elicit testimony that supports their client’s case.
  4. Expert Witnesses: Juvenile lawyers may call on expert witnesses to testify on their client’s behalf. Expert witnesses can provide scientific or technical evidence that supports the defense’s case, and can help to explain complex issues to the jury.
  5. Defense Witnesses: Juvenile lawyers may call on witnesses to testify on their client’s behalf. Defense witnesses can provide testimony that supports the defense’s case, and can help to create doubt in the minds of the jurors.
  6. Closing Arguments: Juvenile lawyers use closing arguments to summarize the evidence, highlight weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and make a persuasive argument in favor of their client’s innocence. A powerful closing argument can sway the opinions of the jurors and increase the likelihood of a not guilty verdict.
  7. Jury Instructions: Juvenile lawyers may seek specific jury instructions that favor their client’s case. Jury instructions provide guidance to the jurors on how to apply the law to the facts of the case and can significantly impact the outcome of the trial.

These are just a few of the strategies that juvenile lawyers use to win jury trials. Every case is unique, and a skilled juvenile defense lawyer will tailor their strategy to the specific circumstances of the case.

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